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Louis Vuitton Leather Alma BB Handbag M41160 Black 25×19×12cm


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LV top original single exclusive live shooting top layer leather ALMA BB handbag M41160 red M41327 pink M40855 blue M40862 black cute and charming Alma BB handbag, the prototype was designed in 1934 and is quite artistic A classic Louis Vuitton bag with decorative style. In 2010, 20 years after the official launch of Alma, a mini model was specially designed for the daughter of this woman with this hand. Alma BB handbag is equipped with a detachable shoulder strap for lightweight cross-body. This handbag, which uses Epi leather to give a new fashion interpretation of the classic shape, has a series of bright and bright colors to choose from. Size: 25×19×12cm


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